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Life is tough for you right now. Your life has not turned out the way you envisioned. Things have gotten contentious and uncertain. You need help getting through this rough patch in your life. Regardless of the type of family law problem you are struggling with, whether you are going through a divorce, going through a custody battle, facing a domestic violence problem, or having an issue with child or spousal support, you are going through a difficult and uncertain time. There is great stress associated with not knowing what the future holds. We all want to be able to plan for our future.

Having a family law problem is one of the most stressful things you will experience. We know that you are taking a leap of faith by trusting us. Whether your marriage is breaking up or you are unable to co-parent for the sake of your children, you and your family need to be properly represented and guided. You need a capable and confident advocate who will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you with important strategic decisions. You need someone who can help you negotiate a fair settlement when possible and litigate for you aggressively when settlement is not in your best interest. You need to be protected, and your children need to be protected, as well. We have helped countless people like you with all issues surrounding divorce, domestic violence, custody and support. If you are in need of a good family law attorney, look no further. You have found us. Now all you need to do is pick up the phone all call.

Family Law involves complex legal issues.

A good family law attorney is a tough negotiator, a fierce protector and a feared litigator. A great family law attorney is also a good listener. No two people have the exact same legal problem. Although we have helped thousands of people over the years, your story is different. Our extensive legal experience has taught us that the best way to help our clients is to listen. Not only does it make us more effective, we know that your future is scary right now and you need a little compassion from someone who is unbiased and non-judgmental.

We realize you do not want to be in this legal situation.

For whatever reason, you need to enlist the help of a skilled legal professional. Your life has somehow gotten out of control. Whatever your family law problem, our focus is always to help you to solve your problem so you can begin moving forward. Whatever legal problem you bring us, we will leverage our extensive legal expertise in order to bring you the best possible results.

We understand you do not want to be taken advantage of, especially by your attorney. We work for you. We never forget it, but we tell you what you need to hear, the truth and the best path forward for you and your family.

We will encourage you to renew your trust and hope. You need a great lawyer, but you also need someone an ear to listen, someone that understands what you are going through, and someone to calm your fears. You and your family matter. Things may be rough for you at the moment, but we will help you put the pieces back together. An amazing future is out there, waiting for you. You just need to get past this personal challenge in order to reach it.

At Family Law Solutions of Riverside, whether you need to litigate, mediate, or negotiate, we know how to help you achieve the best possible results in your family law case. We have helped countless people like you with family law issues, these include:

We Can Help You With Any Type of Divorce:

  • Uncontested Divorce – If you and your spouse have a divorce agreement, we can make sure that the divorce papers are done right.
  • Military Divorce – If you or your spouse are in the military, special laws apply. Know your rights.
  • Divorce Mediation – If you and your spouse are open to compromise, you may be able to negotiate a divorce settlement through mediation.
  • Divorce involving Businesses or Corporations – If you or your spouse own a business, you may need to employ experts before you are able to reach a fair agreement.
  • High Asset Divorce – If you or your spouse have many assets, your property settlement may be extremely complex.
  • Celebrity Divorce – If you or your spouse are public figures, including an athlete, musician or actor, you need protection of your privacy and assets.
  • Indian Divorce – If you or your spouse receive per capita income, it may affect how your property divided.

We Can Help With Issues Surrounding Your Children:

  • Paternity Cases – if you and the other parent were never married, you need orders about custody, visitation and child support.
  • Child Support – We can help you establish or modify a child support order. We can also help collect past due support, enforce a current child support order, and establish child support arrears.
  • Child Custody – We can help establish or modify a custody and visitation order, litigate a custody case where supervised visitation order is involved, help in child custody evaluations, or conduct trials in custody battles and move away cases.

We Can Help With Any Family Law Related Problem:

  • Child Custody/ Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Property/ Debts
  • Obtaining an Order to Sell the House
  • Business Evaluations
  • Finding Hidden Assets
  • Dividing of Pension Plans
  • Attorney Fees
  • Negotiation of Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Trials and Litigation of Divorce Issues
  • Divorce in a Day Workshops
  • Move Away Trials

We Can Help With Other Legal Matters:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders – If there has been violence in your relationship, you, we have experience obtaining restraining orders and defending against them.
  • Guardianships – We can help you obtain a guardianship, defend against one, or ask that one be terminated.
  • Termination of Parental Rights – We can help protect your parental rights.
  • Step-Parent Adoptions – We will help you adopt your step-child.

You need the very best when it comes to protecting you and your family. Our team of family law attorneys and paralegals have been hand-picked for their skill and expertise. They follow our motto that we provide only fair, compassionate, and reasonable expectations  for our client’s and their families. 

You need someone who can navigate the web of legal issues and tell your story to the judge in a manner he or she will listen.

Do not leave your legal problem to chance. Representing yourself can lead to disastrous results. So can hiring the wrong attorney. When it comes to protecting you and your family, do not settle for anything less than the best. Do yourself a favor, do not gamble on the outcome of you and your family’s future. At Family Law Solutions of Riverside, we protect you and your loved ones. Call us now and let us help.



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Child Support

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Domestic Violence


Legal Separation


Step-Parent Adoptions

Here's what our clients are saying
My child is with me and is safe. Michael advocated my case to the court and got emergency orders to protect my daughter from gang violence that had been going on at my x-husbands home. Your determination on my families’ behalf will always be remembered and shared when asked. I would recommend you to anyone trying to safeguard their children from danger.
Going through a divorce can be unpleasant, scary, and full of financial and emotional uncertainties. A good attorney spends enough personal time understanding all the details of their case so they can argue the details should the case go to court; they need to be very familiar with the law and offer good counsel on the law and on case strategy; they need to act as part therapist and inspiring leader; and, they need to be persuasive in court but also practical/realistic in our discussions. Mike Efron artfully managed this whole process to my complete satisfaction.These divorce cases can and ...
Michael serves as a client’s advocate understanding the most intricate of details, providing the necessary support, knowledge and educational tools to empower decisions when faced with very emotionally charged matters dealing with Family Law. He is practical and his working knowledge of family law and the court system speaks highly of his successes. Michael has an innate ability to understand matters of the heart and the results immeasurable.
Michael: I want to thank you for your excellent, professional and efficient handling of my divorce case. There was a fast, effortless, (On my part), final disposition of a case that was going nowhere until you were put in charge. When completed, both parties were satisfied and a friendship following the final entry of judgment with my ex is still flourishing.I highly recommend your good offices to all. I am making this observation as a practicing attorney here in California and recognize professional conduct as it should be. Sincerely,
He was always there for me. He was an astounding lawyer, as well as a great genuine friend during my entire process. Not only was he there for me as a friend, but he was very responsible and always in control with my divorce. I owe him a lot of respect and gratitude for his services. I would in a second recommend Mr. Efron to anyone.
As it relates to family law and if you are interested and looking for a responsive and knowledgeable attorney or firm – this is to highly recommend the professional services of Michael “Mike” Efron.For four years, I was trapped in the inefficiencies and extremely bureaucratic child & spousal support system. I had been involved in a work related injury in 2005 which led to permanent disability – there is no state administrative assistance or considerations for non-custodial parents regarding this.I am speaking from real and personal “experience” – as i made all the mistakes possible… starting with the dumbest… which ...
I’m very impressed with Mr. Efron’s knowledge, professionalism and character. Always kept me informed and sincerely cared about my case. I trust Mr. Efron completely and would highly recommend
Extremely knowledgeable professional
Would recommend to friends
Michael handled my Family matter.I can’t tell you how happy I’m with the service and the advice I received from Attorney Michael Efron.. he’s is very patient , kind and I’m very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and character. . I will Definitely recommend him to anyone I know, I certainly cannot ask for better.. Thank you Mr Michael.
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